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The Entertainment / Artist KITAS

The Entertainment KITAS is a special type of limited stay permit designed to accommodate foreign nationals who are involved in the entertainment industry in Indonesia. This permit allows them to legally live and work in the country while participating in various entertainment-related activities. These activities can encompass a wide range of pursuits, such as acting in films, television shows, or theater productions, performing in concerts or live events, and working as models, among others. 

Who can get the KITAS?

  • Art Director

  • Music Director

  • Musician

  • Singer

  • Disc Jockey

  • Show Manager

  • Film Director

  • Actress/ Actor

  • Dancer

  • Karaoke Guide

  • Acrobatic

  • Circus player

  • Bodyguard

  • Ad Model

  • Bowling Coach

  • Artist

  • Magician

  • Fashion Model

  • Sport Consultant

  • Boxing Promoter

  • Football Coach

  • Table Tennis Coach

  • Volleyball Coach

  • Softball Coach

  • Polo Coach

  • Badminton Coach

  • Surfing Coach

  • Swimming Coach

  • Synchronized Swimming Coach

  • Paddle Coach

  • Boxing Coach

  • Judo Coach

  • Wushu Coach

  • Platform Diving Coach

  • Diving Coach

  • Shooting Coach

  • Taekwondo Coach

  • Athletic Coach

  • Karate Coach

  • Golf Coach

  • Volleyball Player

  • Football Player

  • Basketball Player

  • Boxer

  • etc.

The Application Process


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Approval from Authorities:

Once the application is submitted, it undergoes a review process by Indonesian immigration authorities. Approval is granted if all necessary documents are in order and the applicant meets the criteria.

Duration and Renewal: 

The duration of an Entertainment KITAS typically corresponds to the duration of the specific entertainment project or job. Basically 6 (six) months and cannot be extended. To continue your employment, you must terminate your existing Kitas and initiate the process to obtain a fresh one.

Documents Required:

  • the initial page of passport (with a minimum validity of 18 months).

  • Proof of health insurance coverage (valid for at least one month).

  • Bachelor's Degree Certificate (translated into English).

  • A recommendation letter or a specialist occupation certificate Submission of your curriculum vitae (CV).

  • A bank statement indicating a minimum balance of $1,500.

  • Detailed personal information, including your email address, phone number, address in Bali, work location, and occupation.

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