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Second Home Visa

Indofastpermit specializes in providing expert consulting services. We streamline the process of obtaining second home visas, ensuring a smooth transition for individuals seeking residency in Indonesia. With our comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and personalized assistance, we empower clients to establish themselves securely in this vibrant and diverse country, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

Indonesia has introduced a new long-term visa, the Second Home Visa (KITAS), designed to enable extended stays in the country for either 5 or 10 years, depending on specific eligibility criteria. This visa caters to individuals interested in non-work activities such as investment, tourism, and retirement.

Moreover, a significant benefit of the Second Home Visa is the option for visa holders to sponsor their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and parents, for the Second Home Family Visa. This family visa provides the same extended duration of stay as the primary visa holder, fostering a sense of unity and simplifying the relocation process for families moving to Indonesia.

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Key Information from the newest Circular Letter for Second Home Visa Indonesia:

  • The Second Home Visa offers 5 or 10-year stays, subject to specific requirements.

  • The Second Home ITAS provides a residence period of 5 or 10 years for foreigners and their families.

  • The ITAP for Second Home is a permanent stay permit for 5 years or indefinitely.

  • Requirements include proof of funds, property ownership, and a guarantor.

  • Dependents are exempt from financial reporting obligation..

Policies for Second Home Visa Holders and Dependents:

  • Visa holders must submit proof of funds within 90 days; this doesn't apply to Dependents.

  • Valid and translated official documents demonstrating family relationship must be provided for Dependents within 90 days.

  • Non-compliance may result in permit cancellations.

  • Payment for permits can be made through a portal or by the Guarantor within Indonesian borders. (We will help you with all the process and paperwork needed)

Additional Information : 

  • Expiry of the Second Home Stay Permit ends followers' permits.

  • Extensions for ITAP require adherence to stipulated regulations.

The Process & Documents required

  • We will submit KITAS-related documents for verification via the online immigration system.

  • Upon approval, an e-visa is issued, allowing entry and biometric data capture upon arrival.

  • The KITAS (Stay Permit) is delivered within 3 days.

  • Upon arrival in Indonesia, you're required to present evidence of funds or property ownership within the country within a 90-day period.

    Documents Required:

  • Passport copy with a minimum 36-month validity

  • Sponsorship/Guarantor letter (We will provide this letter for you)

  • Proof of funds (minimum of Two Billion Rupiah or equivalent USD 130,000) or proof of property ownership here in Indonesia with a value of USD 1,000,000

  • Recent color photograph

  • Curriculum Vitae


Do we have to save our money in the Indonesian local bank if we decide to submit proof of funds instead of property ownership?

  • You don't need to transfer your funds to a local Indonesian bank when applying for the e-visa. Instead, you just have to provide evidence of having at least IDR 2 billion or USD 130,000 in your own bank account, whether it's in your home country or under your name anywhere. However, once you obtain the e-visa and enter Indonesia, you are required to deposit an equivalent amount of IDR 2 billion into a local state-owned bank that you can also use to cover your cost of living here in Indonesia. we are happy to assist you with all the process. 

Do we need to extend the visa to stay in Indonesia around 5 years?

  • No, there's no need to renew the visa; with the second home visa, you're granted a 5-year stay in Indonesia. So, while the IDR 2 billion may seem like a substantial amount to place in an Indonesian bank, it essentially serves as your financial support for your 5-year stay in Indonesia. You have the option to invest this money in property or various instruments within Indonesia, eliminating the yearly visa renewal hassle, and you become eligible for multiple entries during these 5 years.

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