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D12 Multiple Entry Visa

The D12 Pre-Investment is a Multiple Entry Visa, made specifically for you looking to start your own business in Indonesia. You can apply for a multiple-entry visa valid for 1 or 2 years. Each visit to Indonesia is allowed for up to 180 days. If you desire an extended stay in Indonesia but wish to avoid the complexities of gathering numerous documents typically needed for a Kitas application, then this visa type is ideal for you.
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Other Information:

  1. Valid for one year, the D12 Pre-Investment Multiple Entry Visa permits multiple visits to Indonesia, allowing stays of up to 60 days per entry.

  2. If you require more time to delve into business prospects or cement partnerships, you're in luck. You can prolong your stay with up to two extensions, each granting an extra 60 days.

  3. Whether you're participating in conferences, engaging with potential investors, or conducting market studies, the D12 Pre-Investment Multiple Entry Visa guarantees sufficient time for you to achieve your goals and carefully consider your business endeavors in Indonesia.


  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months (for holders of travel documents other than passports such as emergency passports, documents of identity, etc. must be valid for 12 months).

  2. Personal bank statement with minimum amount USD $5000 or equivalent the last 3 months period (including name, date of period, and balance account).

  3. A recent color photograph.

  4. Information/invitations/correspondence from government agency or private institution explaining the relationship with applicants.

  5. Your address in Indonesia (Hotel, Villa can also be used)

With this visa you can:

  1. Conducting activities related to start a business, including but not limited to field surveys and/or feasibility studies.

  2. Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

Additional Notes

  1. Staying in Indonesia over the period of your stay permit, engaging in prohibited activities, not complying with visa conditions,
    and/or not complying with Indonesian laws may result in you paying fines, being deported, and/or other legal charges.

  2. You are prohibited from selling goods or services.

  3. You are prohibited from receiving rewards, wages, or any similar from individuals or corporations in Indonesia.

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