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Representative Office

Representative Office

General Representative Office (KPPA)

An RO is a viable option for foreign investors and business owners who are in the initial phase of expanding their operations in Indonesia. ROs provide an opportunity for foreign businesses to assess the Indonesian market before engaging in full-fledged commercial activities. They are particularly well-suited for non-sales tasks, including customer service support, reaching out to potential clients, and implementing marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

Representative Office for Business Trading (KP3A)

KP3A refers to a representative office designed exclusively for business trading purposes. Both general and trading ROs are not allowed to engage in income-generating business activities. However, it is permissible to establish a trading RO anywhere in Indonesia, whereas a general RO does not have that flexibility.

Representative Office for Construction Company (BUJKA)

Just like KP3A, a BUJKA serves as a representative office specifically created for foreign construction companies. BUJKAs have the opportunity to participate in extensive construction projects, albeit in partnership with a local company called Local PT. While there are certain constraints, a BUJKA provides a favorable starting point for foreign construction companies to establish their presence in Indonesia since they can engage in collaborative construction endeavors without the need for a construction license (SIUJK).

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