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PT PMDN Indonesia refers to a type of company known as "Perseroan Terbatas Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri" in the Indonesian language, which translates to a "Limited Liability Company with Domestic Investment."

A PT PMDN is a company that is established in Indonesia with 100% local or domestic investment. It means that all the shareholders and owners of the company are Indonesian individuals, companies, or entities. This type of company is commonly formed when local investors or businesses are involved in a venture or when foreign investors partner with Indonesian counterparts.

Required Documents :

Required Documents :

1. Identity and contact details of company shareholders


3. Original domicile from building managenent (we can provide the documents for you if needed)


What is the minimum capital requirement to form a PMDN?

Small: IDR 50 million – 500 million.
Medium: IDR 501 million – 10 billion.
Large: more than IDR 10 billion.

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