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Recruitment Agency Indonesia

Discover the benefits of utilizing recruitment agents in Indonesia, as we assist in securing top-notch candidates for your company, streamlining your time and reducing expenses. Explore the advantages of outsourcing recruitment services to enhance your business operations in Indonesia.

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Help your business to grow

Once your company is successfully registered and post-incorporation compliance is completed, your attention should shift towards recruiting top talent to rapidly elevate your business upon entering the Indonesian market. Indofastpermit, an all-in-one market-entry and HR consulting firm in Indonesia, possesses comprehensive expertise in recruitment processes. Our recruitment services boast extensive experience and a vast network, ensuring our ability to help you build or expand a team that aligns perfectly with your expansion goals in Indonesia.

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Recruitment Agency Indonesia

For foreign companies seeking to hire from Indonesia's labor force without establishing a physical office in the country, an Employer of Record (EoR) service offers a lawful solution. Indofastpermit, as an EoR service provider, offers comprehensive assistance in various areas, including:

  1. Recruitment and Candidate Shortlisting

  2. Appointments and Employment

  3. Payroll processing and Salary Adjustments

  4. Income Tax Calculations and Reporting

  5. Employee Benefits and Insurance

  6. Visas and local sponsorship applications

Rely on Indofastpermit to handle these essential aspects and ensure a seamless hiring process for your business in Indonesia.

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