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What it is 

A Work KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) is a type of limited stay permit card issued by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals who intend to work in Indonesia. It allows foreign individuals to legally work and reside in the country for a specified period. The Work KITAS is typically sponsored by an Indonesian company that has hired the foreign worker, and it is subject to the conditions and regulations set by the Indonesian immigration authorities.

Elevate your prospects of obtaining a Work KITAS for Indonesia with the assistance of Indofastpermit. Our tailored services are geared towards facilitating the acquisition of this essential permit for lawful employment within the country. Benefit from our adept guidance and comprehensive knowledge of Indonesia's immigration protocols, as we simplify the process of securing your Work KITAS. Rely on Indofastpermit to adeptly navigate the intricacies, ensuring a streamlined and effective journey as you embark on your professional endeavor in Indonesia.



Do I need to visit Indonesian embassy in my country during the process?

No, there's no requirement for you to personally visit the Indonesian embassy in your home country. We'll take care of the eVisa issuance process for you. With the eVisa in hand, you can enter the country seamlessly. Upon your arrival in Indonesia, we'll manage the conversion of your eVisa into a KITAS permit.

I already have KITAS, can I change job with the same KITAS?

This is your Education description. Concisely describe your degree and any other highlights of your studies. Make sure to include relevant skills, accomplishments, and milestones gained. Don’t forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.

What are the requirements? 

  1. Passport: A valid passport with at least 18 months of validity from the date of entry to Indonesia.

  2. Company Sponsorship: A sponsorship from an Indonesian company or employer. This  include a letter of employment, a work contract, or other relevant documents (We can help you providing these documents)

  3. Company Documents: Copies of the company's business license (SIUP) and company registration (TDP). (We can help you providing these documents)

  4. Approval from Ministry of Manpower: The company needs to obtain approval from the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia to hire a foreign worker. (We can help you to issue this document)

  5. Academic and Professional Qualifications: Copies of your educational certificates, degrees, and any relevant professional certifications.

  6. CV/Resume: A detailed resume or curriculum vitae outlining your work experience and skills.

  7. Passport Photos: Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the specifications set by the Indonesian authorities.

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