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What is SKTT and STM in Indonesia and Why is it important?

Updated: Apr 17

Indonesia, with its diverse culture and picturesque landscapes, attracts numerous foreigners each year for various purposes, such as work, study, or leisure. If you are a foreigner planning to stay in Indonesia for an extended period, it's essential to be aware of certain documentation requirements. Two crucial documents that you might encounter during your stay are the STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) and SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal). Let's take a closer look at what these documents are and why they matter for foreigners residing in Indonesia.

1. STM (Surat Tanda Melapor):

The STM, or "Report Certificate," is a document issued by the Indonesian police to non-residents or temporary residents staying in Indonesia for an extended period. Foreigners who hold specific types of visas, such as temporary stay permits (KITAS) or permanent stay permits (KITAP), are required to obtain an STM.

Why is it important?

The STM serves as proof that you have fulfilled your reporting obligation to the local police station, as required by Indonesian law. By registering your presence in the country, you are complying with immigration regulations and facilitating your stay in Indonesia.

How to obtain STM:

Upon your arrival in Indonesia, you must visit the local police station in the area where you reside. There, you'll need to present necessary documents, such as your passport, visa, and other relevant paperwork. The police will then issue the STM, usually at no cost. Ensure that you keep this document safe, as you may need to present it during various administrative processes throughout your stay.

2. SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal):

The SKTT, or "Certificate of Domicile" or "Certificate of Residence," is a document issued by the local government (typically the village or sub-district office) to Indonesian citizens or foreign residents. This document serves as proof of your address or place of residence within a specific area.

Why is it important?

As a foreigner residing in Indonesia, obtaining an SKTT may be beneficial for various administrative purposes. For instance, you might need it to open a bank account, apply for certain services, or register for government benefits.

How to obtain SKTT:

To acquire an SKTT, you'll likely need to provide proof of your residence, such as a rental agreement or a letter from the head of the neighborhood confirming your address. Visit the local village or sub-district office to initiate the application process and ensure that you have all the required documents ready.

As a foreigner in Indonesia, complying with local regulations is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay. The STM (Surat Tanda Melapor) and SKTT (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal) are two essential documents that you might encounter during your time in the country. The STM helps you fulfill your reporting obligation to the police, while the SKTT serves as proof of your residence for various administrative purposes. Always remember to keep these documents safe and up-to-date to facilitate your stay in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia. If you don't want to go through all the hassle, you can just sit back and relax, we can help you obtain both of your STM and SKTT without hassle. You don't have to go anywhere. Contact us for free consultation.

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