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Discover the Charm of Indonesia with the Second Home Visa: Your Gateway to Long-Term Living

What is the Second Home Visa?

Indonesia, with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is now widely opening its doors to foreign nationals (WNA) who wish to stay longer through the Second Home Visa program. This special visa allows foreign nationals and their families to reside in Indonesia for 5 to 10 years without the intention of working. It is hoped that with this visa, foreign nationals can contribute positively to Indonesia's economy, especially amidst an increasingly dynamic global economic situation.

Activities Allowed for Second Home Visa Holders

For Second Home Visa holders, several activities are permitted, including:

  1. Investing: Becoming an investor and investing in various economic sectors in Indonesia.

  2. Tourism: Enjoying tourist destinations spread across Indonesia.

  3. Retirement: Spending retirement enjoying the atmosphere and lifestyle in Indonesia.

This visa can also be applied for family members such as children, spouses, or parents, allowing them to enjoy living in Indonesia as well.

Requirements and Procedures for Applying for the Second Home Visa

Applications for the Second Home Visa can be submitted for periods of 5 or 10 years through the Online Visa Approval. The main requirements are as follows:

  1. A passport with a minimum validity of 36 months.

  2. Proof of funds:

  • A bank account in Indonesia owned by the foreign national with a minimum balance of Rp 2 billion, or

  • Luxury property in Indonesia with a minimum value of USD 1,000,000, especially for properties in Bali.

Second Home Visa holders must show a bank account balance of at least Rp 2 billion when requested by immigration. Luxury properties must have a Hak Pakai (Right to Use) agreement, not just a rental agreement or other contracts.

Documents Required to Apply for an eVisa

To apply for an eVisa, applicants must include:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 36 months.

  • A bank statement with a minimum balance of Rp 2 billion plus a written statement that the applicant is willing to provide proof of funds in an Indonesian bank (BRI, BNI, Mandiri) with a minimum balance of Rp 2,000,000,000, or

  • Proof of ownership of luxury property in Indonesia in the form of a Hak Pakai agreement with a minimum value of USD 1,000,000.

  • A passport-sized photo (4x6) with a white background.

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV).

For dependents of Second Home Visa holders, the additional required documents include:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 36 months.

  • A passport-sized photo (4x6) with a white background.

  • A scanned copy of the eVisa of the Second Home Visa holder.

  • Proof of relationship with the Second Home Visa holder, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, and family card in English.

Procedures for Applying for the Second Home Visa for Investors

For investors who wish to invest in Indonesia, the first step is to handle their investment status with the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). BKPM will issue a recommendation letter, which will then be used to apply for the Second Home Visa with immigration.

The Second Home Visa is an ideal solution for foreign nationals who want to enjoy the beauty and diversity of Indonesia for an extended period. With clear requirements and structured procedures, this visa offers foreign nationals the opportunity to invest, travel, or enjoy their retirement in Indonesia, while contributing to the country's economic growth.

Are you ready to make Indonesia your second home? Join us and enjoy all the beauty and opportunities this country has to offer!

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