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Exploring the Digital World in Indonesia: FAQ on Remote Work Visa

Updated: Apr 17

Are you considering exploring the beauty of Bali while staying productive in your work? Applying for a remote work visa could be the right step! However, the process often feels complex and confusing. In this blog, let's delve into some common questions about visas in Indonesia that will definitely help you find the answers you need.

  1. How to Obtain a Visa for Remote Work in Indonesia (E33G)? You can directly obtain a remote work visa as long as you have a contract or work for a company outside of Indonesia and meet the requirement of earning at least 60,000 US dollars per year

  2. Who is eligible to apply for the Digital Nomad Bali Visa (E33G)? Anyone can apply as long as they have a contract with a company outside Indonesia, as mentioned above

  3. What are the visa options available in Indonesia besides the E33G Visa that meet the above criteria? There are two visa options available in Indonesia besides the E33G Visa that meet those criteria. The first one is the D1 Visa Type, which is a multiple entry visa and allows you to stay for a maximum of 60 days per visit during one year. The only requirement for this visa is your passport. The second option is the C Visa Type, which is a single entry visa and allows you to stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days.

  4. What Can I Do with This Visa? This visa provides various conveniences to its holders. With this visa, you can stay in Indonesia for a full year without having to worry about extensions. Additionally, you have the freedom to enter and exit the country as needed. Furthermore, this visa also allows you to bring your family with you to Indonesia, so you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, you can also open a bank account in Indonesia for your financial needs during your stay here. With all its conveniences, this visa provides a great opportunity for those who want to settle and live their lives in Indonesia.

  5. What Documents Are Required to Apply for a Bali Digital Nomad Visa?

  6. To apply for a Bali digital nomad visa, you need several important documents, including:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.

  • Bank statement showing a minimum balance of $2000 for the last 3 months.

  • Self-photograph.

  • Proof of income, such as a minimum salary of $60,000 per year. Make sure to prepare all these documents well before submitting your visa application. 8. Which Nationalities Have the Right to Apply for a Remote Work Visa in Indonesia? Almost all nationalities have the opportunity to obtain a Remote Work Visa (KITAS) in Indonesia. However, there are some countries whose citizens do not qualify to apply for this visa. These countries include Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Israel, Kosovo, Liberia, Nigeria, North Korea, and Somalia. If you are from one of these countries, you cannot apply for a Remote Work Visa in Indonesia. Make sure to check the visa requirements applicable to your country before submitting your application. 9. As an entrepreneur, can I apply for a Remote Work Visa (E33G)? Unfortunately, to apply for a Remote Work Visa (E33G), one of the requirements is to have an employment contract with an organization registered outside Indonesia, whether it is a business, NGO, or government agency. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you need to work formally in that organization to meet the requirements and be able to apply for this visa. 10. What is KITAS? Do I Get KITAS with This Remote Work Visa? Yes, you will get KITAS with the E33G Visa. KITAS stands for Limited Stay Permit Card, which is a temporary residence permit card granted to foreign nationals living in Indonesia. With the Remote Work Visa, you will obtain KITAS, which allows you to live in Indonesia as a temporary resident.

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