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Latest Guide for Investor KITAS in Indonesia: Regulation E28A from Immigration

Indonesia is becoming increasingly attractive to foreign investors with its rapidly growing economy and more investor-friendly regulations. The latest regulation from Molina Immigration regarding Investor KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) offers various benefits, including a stay period of up to two years.

What is Investor KITAS?

Investor KITAS is a residence permit granted to foreign nationals who invest a minimum of Rp10,000,000,000 in Indonesia. With Visa E28A, investors obtain the right to reside in Indonesia for two years, allowing them to be directly involved in business and investment activities.

Benefits of Visa E28A

  1. Two-Year Stay Period Visa E28A allows investors to stay in Indonesia for up to two years. This provides stability and certainty for investors to manage and develop their investments directly.

  2. Business and Investment Activities Holders of Visa E28A can engage in various activities related to business, investment, and company establishment. They can also participate as members of the board of directors or commissioners in the company where they invest.

  3. Bringing Family This visa allows investors to bring eligible family members, making it easier for them to live together in Indonesia.

  4. Other Activities Investors can also engage in activities related to tourism, study while registered under a residence permit, and visit friends or family.

Requirements and Conditions

To obtain Visa E28A, investors must meet several document requirements and adhere to applicable conditions. Below is the main list of requirements:

Required Documents
  • A valid national passport with a minimum validity of six months.

  • Proof of living expenses of at least US$2,000 or equivalent.

  • Recent color photograph.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Travel itinerary.

  • Proof of share ownership of at least Rp10,000,000,000 in the sponsoring company registered with the Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordinating Board.

  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights decision on company establishment approval.

  • Company’s bank account statement for the last two months.

Conditions and Obligations
  • Comply with Indonesian laws and regulations.

  • Respect local customs, culture, and wisdom.

  • Have sufficient living expenses while in Indonesia.

  • Avoid jobs that do not comply with the residence permit.

  • Investors who do not comply with visa conditions or Indonesian laws may face fines, deportation, or other legal actions.

Visa Validity

Visa E28A must be used within 90 days from the date of issuance. Note that visa validity differs from the stay period, so be sure to check the stay period information on your visa.

The latest regulation from Molina Immigration regarding Visa E28A for Investor KITAS offers significant opportunities for foreign investors looking to invest in Indonesia. With a stay period of up to two years, various business activity conveniences, and the ability to bring family members, Visa E28A is an ideal solution for investors seeking stability and ease in conducting business in Indonesia. Investors who take advantage of this regulation can significantly contribute to Indonesia's economic growth and reap maximum benefits from their investments. For prospective investors, now is the perfect time to consider investing in Indonesia by utilizing Visa E28A and all the benefits it offers. For a free consultation, you can contact us directly.

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